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“I Want to Drive an American Car”

Whether or not a car part is American made goes beyond the brand name on the package. High standards for quality and longevity of parts have always been important to our shop. The American auto industry is a big part of that high standard. And we are proud to be a small part of that industry. Continue reading

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Meet a Few of the Team

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8 Steps to Prepare Your Car for Fall/Winter

Signs of school starting are in the air, which means its time to make sure your car is ready for the changing fall weather and pending winter months ahead. There are 8 simple steps to prepare your car. 1. Check … Continue reading

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Computerized A/C System Guarantees Charge Accuracy

Were you aware that car A/C systems are touchy? That’s right—A/C systems will not cool properly if over or under filled. To keep the right balance, Hi-Tech Addison Auto Repair uses the Cool-Tech 34788 to guarantee your car’s A/C system … Continue reading

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Research on Searching for an Auto Shop

A national marketing group recently released research on “What to Look for when Searching for an Auto Repair Shop.” Here is the summary of the results/recommendations with information about Hi-Tech Addison Auto Repair inserted. Look for a Repair Facility before … Continue reading

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Required Safe Driving Equipment

Today’s cars are equipped with numerous parts designed specifically to promote safe driving and are required by law. Unfortunately few people ever look into what parts of their car must stay functional to avoid getting a ticket. This list will … Continue reading

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Sunnyboy’s Secrets—Case #1119 Death Ring

Sunnyboy was enjoying a walk on a warm spring day. His nose picked up on numerous scents filling the air at the edge of the park. One was the fragrance of a poodle from southern France that wafted his way … Continue reading

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