Right Diagnosis, Education and Fair Price
John and his crew are excellent mechanics. They do
great work, the time estimates are correct and the
pricing is fair. You can’t find a more honest and
quality driven auto repair shop than Hi Tech.
—Michelle F.

Awesome customer service!! My car started making the worst
noise around 3pm on President’s Day and I didn’t want to
drive it home on the highway 25 minutes b/c I wasn’t sure if
I’d make it or do more damage. So, I called Hi-Tech, brought
it in around 4pm and they drove it for me right then and there,
diagnosed it (thankfully something minor that actually went
away on it’s own) and gave me the reassurance that I could
make it home. They also instructed me on what to do if, by
chance, the issue came back. They didn’t charge me and did all
this despite them being obviously busy! Really, I was so thankful.
And the adorable pitbull “guarding” the place was a bonus! Thank
you, Hi-Tech! —Priscilla B.

My sister’s car had a sagging back end due to bad
suspension. John educated me on how the pumps
worked and wore out. He had the car ready in a few
hours at half of what the dealer quoted. —Cj P.

I’ve been going to John for the last 10 years. He prides
himself on great work and the prices can’t be beat …
He’s always been very honest about what needs to be
done immediately and what can wait. Highly
recommended! —Christopher W.

I won’t take my cars anywhere else. Broke down in
another state, had my car towed to john. —Lisa H.

Great guys! Treat you like family. Prices are reasonable
for the work they do. Been going here for the last couple
of years. Never have had a problem! —Amanda S.

Top-notch professionals. John and his crew … make
the right diagnosis, … and always let me know why
the bump, squeak or rattle is happening, … and what
it will cost – all before doing the repair. And, then they
have a solid 2-year warranty on the repair. —Jane G.

No matter how small a job or how large, John and his
staff communicate, explain and offer specifics in layman
terms. The pricing is more than fair. When you drive
away, you feel totally confident you did get the most
proper-professional service available. —Bernard C.

John and his staff…always gives a complete explanation
of the needed repairs and their cost before any work is
done. He completes all work in a timely manner and for
a reasonable price. —Michele B.

Great guys! Decently priced. Excellent work.
—Amanda S.

The price I was told was astoundingly fair, and I was
extremely happy with the service. —Alex R.

Honest, Caring, Skilled and Quick
The manager when differences are brought to his attention
he’s a man of his word. Great person to work with. —Melvin J.

There was an error on their end but not only did they apologize
they sent a check for the amount it cost me to fix. They sent me
a letter and I’m impressed. Everybody makes mistakes sometimes
but how you handle it shows character. I’ll take my car their now
every time. —Lacey W.

I taken my car to Hi-Tech for eight years and I highly recommend
them for any car repair. They are honest and reliable. I’ve had
other places tell me that something needs to be repaired on my car.
I’ve immediately taken it to Hi-Tech and have John tell me that
there was nothing wrong with it. When he says “If we can’t fix it,
it ain’t broke”, he means it. —Holli W.

This is a great shop! I have been bringing my cars here for years
and recommend them to everyone I work with. John’s estimates and
recommendations are clear and well explained, never delivered with
any pressure or upselling tactics. I won’t take my car anywhere
else. —Dianne L.

Great place to get your car fixed. John is honest and keeps it
real. —Chris A.

John and his crew are the best. They are respectful of your time
and your money. They do honest work and will give you their honest
opinion on what needs to be fixed immediately and what can wait a
little. I will only take my car to them, as with my Mom and brother.
We can’t say enough about them! —Katie G.

The owner always treats every car repair, as if was for his daughter.
He checks everything and when you drive off, you can REST assure the
car received the best TLC. Thank you John!!! —Sandy S.

This shop works on a no BS approach to doing business.
It’s done CORRECTLY the first time. —Rarjr1

I had met John at a neighborhood festival. A week later
my car would not start. Not only did he look for the problem …
(he) performed full inspection at no extra cost and found
some small details that I was already aware of. I was pleased
that he was honest and did not try to make me spend more.
His prices are fair and service outstanding! Thank you John
and team for fixing my car! —Amy C.

Best place ever! We’ve been taking all of our vehicles there
for two generations now & getting ready for a third! —Edward H.

I won’t take my car anywhere else. John is honest, will fix
what’s wrong at a fair price, never tries to talk you into
things you don’t need and stands by their work. I’ve been
going to Hi Tech over 20 years now, my son takes his cars
there, my neighbors take their cars there …. even my mailman
takes his car there LOL —Barbara G.V.

I don’t have a family member that is a mechanic but honest
to god, John and his crew is the next best thing. John is trustworthy
regarding price and quality of repairs! So happy to have found
Hi-Tech auto!! —Laura T.

John and his guys are the most caring, quick and straight to
the point kind of mechanics! Hi-Tech in Addison is the only
place I’ll take my car! —Jess R.

John is always up front and honest with my options.
Additionally, they take time to ensure they have diagnosed the
real issue. —Megan M.

My brake line broke and (HiTech) gave me a … fair price.
When I returned to the shop they informed me that they
had quoted me wrong and it was actually $25 cheaper than
originally expected. —George C.