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Our Team of Specialists…

John_Hickey_v1John Hickey

John started the family owned business in 1993. His passion was to create a trustworthy shop and help people for a fair price. He demanded nothing less than expertise from his mechanics based on what he knew was achievable from his experiences in the navy.

It didn’t take long for John to set high standards, not high prices. Word of mouth became the fastest and most consistent form of advertising. To his amazement, the more customers shared about their experiences on sites like Yelp, the more new customers welcomed the opportunity to have John diagnose their automotive troubles.

A third of John’s customers travel some distance for the honest diagnosis, education of the problem and solution, excellence in work and a fair price. John’s passion for mechanics developed during his childhood. By age 14, he had the fully developed skills of an automotive mechanic and built his first engine. By the time he volunteered to serve our country, John was the youngest to stand Top Watch in the engine room of an aircraft carrier.


Untitled design-4Jim Anderson
Senior Technician

After graduating from the Universal Technical Institute with a focus in Automotive Technician Training, Jim worked as a Nissan Dealer Technician. His experience gave him a passion for the large projects, allowing him to increase his knowledge beyond his original focus.

Jim’s expertise was honed over eight years in the field. While fully capable of working on most projects, he now specializes in motors, transmissions and other big jobs that most mechanics shy away from. His speed and methodical approach makes him effective and less costly, saving customers precious dollars on the bigger jobs.

When celebrating the successes of a large and difficult project, Jim can be found swinging a club on the golf course during the summer and snowboarding on the slopes in the winter. His life slogan has been “work hard, play hard.”

MikeHeadshotMike McGurk


Mike started his mechanic career with the ASE Master Technician certification. He was immediately picked up by Mitsubishi and quickly became a diamond certified Mitsubishi mechanic with 15 additional certifications. His education continued when he was hired by Subaru, where he earned another 8 certifications. Toyota was his next place of employment that included additional training that earned him another 7 certifications.

Mike also crossed over into diesel and custom work to further develop his career. His focus shifted to bigger project work including line work, motor rebuilds, and transmission work. He has now joined Hi-Tech Addison Auto Repair with a significant amount of speciality certifications from his 16 years of experience.

During his free time, Mike enjoys biking, fishing, hiking, and camping. In fact, his appreciation for nature and his love for earth science drove his interests in the area of geology, where he achieved an associates degree in his spare time. Mike also loves live music and playing the bass guitar.

Untitled design-6Ryan Selvaggio
Specialist in training

Ryan attends a NATEF and ASE certified school. He received his AC certification and is working toward additional certifications like Advanced Engine Performance, Auto Maintenance and Light Repair, and ASE Master Certification.

His goal is to become a high-end automotive specialist and work on cars that cost more than most people’s homes. To that end, he plans to continue his education including a couple years at an automotive tech school when the timing is right.

In his spare time, Ryan loves to hike in the backwoods to uncharted lakes and find the perfect fishing holes. His love for fishing goes back farther than his memory, as it’s always been a part of who he is. One day he hopes to do a helicopter drop into the deep woods in Canada for a week of spectacular fishing with a group of friends that don’t mind roughing it.


BrendaBrenda Hickey
Office Manager

Brenda left corporate America when John’s workload hit proportions beyond what one person could manage. Her project management skills were put to use and she soon found herself taking over administrative and financial duties as well.

Brenda added her oversight to the business-to-business dealings with suppliers, payroll and other office operations.

Her toughest job is not facilitating the assertive work environment that measures up to John’s high standards, but letting go of work to enjoy a quiet evening at home.

150X150DogSunnyboy Hickey
Shop Mascot

Sunnyboy joined the staff in 2008 and started signing autographs immediately. His chief duties include welcoming customers and notifying staff every time the fax machine receives an incoming message.