Computerized A/C System Guarantees Charge Accuracy

34788_3512Were you aware that car A/C systems are touchy?

That’s right—A/C systems will not cool properly if over or under filled. To keep the right balance, Hi-Tech Addison Auto Repair uses the Cool-Tech 34788 to guarantee your car’s A/C system functions within a +-1/8 ounce of accuracy.

But how does the system work?

Simply put, the system moves hot air out of the car and pushes cool air into the car. To do so, the system uses refrigerant in both a gas and liquid state under both low and high pressure. To avoid getting too technical it helps to understand the four components of the system:

  • Compressor – Turns high-pressure gas into high-pressure gas.
  • Condenser – Turns high-pressure gas into low-pressure liquid (A fan blows across the condenser to push the heat out of the car).
  • Expansion Valve or Orifice Tube – Turns low-pressure liquid into low-pressure gas.
  • Evaporator – Turns low-pressure liquid into low-pressure gas (A fan blows across the evaporator to push the cold air into the car).

The car also uses special oil within the same lines as the refrigerant to keep all its parts working well.

The Cool-Tech 34788 allows us to recover 20% more refrigerant than a manual process, empowering us to keep our eco system safe. And with each step of the process computerized, Hi-Tech is able to quickly and accurately perform refrigerant recycling.

The technology also allows us to precisely check for leaks down to less than an ounce per year of loss. This means your car is safe from destroying the ozone, while maintaining the exact balance of refrigerant to keep your car perfectly cooled during the summer.

The equipment provides us with additional features:

  • Eliminates damaging air from the lines.
  • Informs operator of possible leaks.
  • Monitors levels for perfect balance.
  • Maintains current database of car specs.
  • Reduces labor with automatic functions.

The specialized computer is ideal for rebalancing the system after any given part is replaced, as it even rebuilds the needed vacuum within the closed A/C system. However, when the system is intact and extra refrigerant is needed, the mechanics can make the addition using simple pressure gauges based on vehicle specifications to get the customer quickly on his or her way.

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