Hi-Tech’s Tire Changing Robotics

CoreyWheelMachineHi-Tech Addison Auto Repair continues to upgrade its technology to protect customer cars, while reducing labor costs by speeding the process using robotics. The latest tire changing robotic system was installed last month to improve service on sports cars and SUVs.


Once the wheel/tire is removed from the vehicle, it’s placed onto a secure and balanced lift system that perfectly positions each wheel in the exact same position to protect it from damage during service. The rim protection tower is spring loaded to maintain the exact amount of force to keep the rim safe.

To separate the tire from the wheel, some mechanics break the seal using a pry bar. This physical activity can lacerate the bead edge and create slow leaks when done without focus. Hi-Tech’s system is automated and uses a powered roller disk to apply the exact amount of pressure to break the seal from the underneath side of the tire. Since the disk rolls across the bead it can never cut the edge of the tire.

The next step is unseating the tire from the wheel. Again, some mechanics use a pry bar that locks into a turntable to unseat the tire. Hi-Tech uses a robo-arm cylinder that protects the bead edge of the tire as the turntable rotates. Once the new tire is placed on the wheel the robotic arm can be used in reverse applying direct pressure on the sidewall to create a bead lock.

After the lift system releases the wheel, the single point sealer can concentrate airflow more efficiently and eliminate excessive maintenance. This makes sure the tire is completely sealed so the customer doesn’t have to return for any micro leaks.


Hi-Tech’s state of the art laser technology uses a direct drive motor to maintain a zero tolerance balance. The system uses lasers to pinpoint the exact location on a tire that requires weights or the removal of weights for balance. This automated sensing system specifies weight location both radially and axially, which eliminates the trial and error some mechanic have to play around with.

The onboard computer system also provides Hi-Tech mechanics both the static and dynamic unbalance data—all simultaneously. This speeds up the correction process, makes sure the wheels don’t negatively impact the car’s alignment, and takes the estimating of the fix out of the equation.

Hi-Tech Addison Auto Repair believes in making sure the latest technologies are employed to help customers. In the case of tire service, Hi-Tech’s goal was to make sure customers with SUVs and sports cars got the service they required through a protective process that maintains their vehicle value.

© 2017 Hi-Tech Automotive Specialists, Inc.

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