Road Trip Check List

PreTripCars use for local commutes or around the corner grocery shopping rarely push the engine’s abilities like a road trip. While Hi-Tech Addison Auto Repair covers its customers with a 24,000-mile/24-month nationwide warranty, everyone is encouraged to get a Pre-Trip Check.

The Pre-Trip Check package reviews the items most likely to be stressed on a trip and informs the driver on the state of his or her car. When educated on the car’s condition, the driver can face unknown mechanics with confidence and protect himself or herself from being taken advantage of.

To reduce the possibility of visiting a repair shop on vacation, Hi-Tech’s vacation inspection consists of the following:

• Full Service Oil Change (Synthetic Blend)
• AC/Cooling Systems (performance & Freon check)
• Tires Balance, and Alignment
• Wipers
• Belts and Hoses
• Brakes and Lines
• Lights
• Batteries
• Filters and Fluids

To protect our customers, Hi-Tech’s 24/24 Nationwide Warranty is a part of a large network of like-minded auto repair shops who honor our warranty. They are also price competitive and believe in keeping our customers happy. The best news is that it only takes one phone call to Hi-Tech and the driver is immediately connected with the right roadside assistance team or nearby shop.

The complete Vacation Pre-Trip Vehicle Check package is only $49.95 until September 1, 2017 and includes a full service oil change with synthetic oil (a $59.95 value).
This vehicle inspection/review will boost the driver’s confidence in his or her coming trip. It will also provide backup from Hi-Tech’s nationwide sister shops—an invaluable resource for road trips.

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