Why Gasoline is a Critical Choice

car-refill-transportation-transportBetween AAA’s extensive gasoline survey and Consumer Reports’ testing and verification process, there are only two types of gasoline recommended for your car: BP and Shell.

The difference between these two brands and other Top Tier gasoline is dramatic. However, non-Top Tier gasoline is ten times worse than anyone might have guessed. One tank full of non-Top Tier gasoline will set a car back significantly.

The ramifications of using the wrong gasoline will shorten the life of a car by 2-4 years and increase its repair bills year over year. What’s worse is that the repair costs far exceed the few cents one might have saved using non-Top Tier gasoline.

In the below picture, there is a substantial difference between the intake valve of a new car compared to one using Top Tier and non-Top Tier gasoline. CR-Cars-Inline-AAA-Fuel-Quality-Comparison-07-16The amount of gunk that forms on the valve just after one filling of the wrong gasoline is measurable. After several fillings those carbon deposits degrade the car’s performance, reduces fuel economy, and increases emissions.

By using a Top Tier gasoline the amount of build up is greatly reduced. In fact, Mobil Synergy gasoline is manufactured to resist build up and keep your engine in its current shape without any further degradation.

invigorateHowever, BP’s Invigorate and Shell’s Nitrogen Enriched Cleaning System both are powerful enough to reverse the amount of gunk and return the valves back to a close resemblance of a new product. Tests reflect that the both BP and Shell gasoline reduces intake valve deposits by 45 to 72 percent when used over a 5,000-mile interval.

Other fuel related factors also impact a car’s longevity:

1. Gas Gauge Dropping Below ¼ Tank: Fuel gauges aren’t always accurate and should the car run out of gas it could damage the catalytic converter. According to AAA 827,000 drivers run out of gas each year because they ignore their gas warning light.

2. Engine Deposits Cause Repairs: According to Consumer Reports, non-Top Tier gas has as much as 19 times more engine deposits than Top Tier brands after 4,000 miles of testing. These materials can plug the gas filter and also scratch, clog and damage the fuel system.

3. Searching for Cheaper Gas: AAA’s survey showed that 25% of drivers think they can drive another 40 miles in time to find cheaper gas. They don’t realize that when the tank gets near empty, according to Consumer Reports, the gas pump can start sucking in air. Since the gasoline acts as a coolant for the electric fuel-pump motor, the pump can wear prematurely as the air raises the temperature within the pump.

With this knowledge readily available from excellent sources, it’s surprising that 47% of drivers continue to purchase non-Top Tier gasoline. According to the AAA survey, 75% of drivers purchase gas not based on their car’s needs, but based on the location of the fuel station. Only 12% of drivers pick gasoline based on the health of their car.

Hi-Tech Addison Auto Repair recommends that their customers join the 12% of drivers who want to extend the life of their car.

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