Interview with Senior Technician Jim Anderson

Dale_BulbJim Anderson is the Senior Technician at Hi-Tech Addison Auto Repair. He’s in his 9th year at the shop and for those who are curious about his height, he stands at 6’ 4” tall.

CJ: Jim, what got you interested in being a mechanic?

JIM: I was building cubicles at Target’s corporate office. I enjoyed the mechanics of it, but didn’t like looking out over the sea of cubicles when someone called out a name. There would be all these heads popping up and looking around to see who was talking. It was like watching a bunch of gophers popping out of their holes. I just didn’t want to be a part of that environment.

I talked with a mentor about my abilities and aptitude to help determine if I should go into electronics or a specialized mechanical field. He told me that most specialty jobs required minimal troubleshooting and that every project only had a half dozen problems to solve. The job would become nothing more than a straight labor job that took little to no thought. That’s when I decided to be a mechanic with multiple focuses, facing unique situations every day.

CJ: How did you get your start?

JIM: I was taking classes at Universal Technical Institute when I was approached about an opening for a Nissan Dealer Technician. I had the certifications and they liked my skills, so I joined the team. They allowed me to continue taking classes and finish my certifications.

CJ: How did you connect with Hi-Tech?

150X150JimJIM: When the recession hit, people held off repairing their cars for as long as possible. Nissan let eight techs go and since I was one of the newest to join, I was tapped. Thankfully John happen to chat with UTI that same day and I started at Hi-Tech the next morning.

CJ: How did you get so good at fixing things?

JIM: When I was growing up my dad fixed everything. I guess I wanted to be like him. I’ve played with mechanical things my whole life. Even my hobby was working on cars until I became a mechanic. Maybe that’s why I like installing engines and doing transmission work. The big projects keep me busy so I’m never bored.

CJ: What do you do in your spare time?

JIM: I love snowboarding in the winter, although I gave up learning new tricks after I found out that falling today hurts a whole lot more than when I was 16. During the summer I like to golf. My brother was the one who got me interested in the game. I had noticed that as I got older the competitive landscape of baseball and other sports had changed, so switching to a life long game like golf made sense. When I’m not playing sports, I like to read fantasies and biographies, and watch documentaries on television. The American Hero Channel is my favorite channel because it always covers an angle on history that I never got to explore in school. Right now I’m learning some pretty amazing stuff about World War II.

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