Required Safe Driving Equipment

20160802_img_3087-1Today’s cars are equipped with numerous parts designed specifically to promote safe driving and are required by law. Unfortunately few people ever look into what parts of their car must stay functional to avoid getting a ticket. This list will give insight into some of the most common elements that have laws supporting its existence for the sake of safety.

HEADLIGHTS—Cars are required to have two working lights for use from sunset to sunrise. The lights are also required during fog, rain, snow, and during other conditions when windshield wipers are used. The lights must be on when objects 1,000 feet away can’t be seen. If bright lights are in use, they must be dimmed within 500 feet of oncoming cars or within 300 feet of passing a car.

TAILIGHTS—Cars must have two red lights visible at 500 feet from behind the vehicle.

STOP LIGHTS—Cars must have a minimum of one red stop light visible behind the vehicle in normal daylight.

LICENSE PLATE LIGHT—Cars must have a white light illuminating the license plate for readership at 50 feet and it must turn on with the headlights.

TURN SIGNAL LIGHTS—Cars must have right and left turn lights on both the front and rear of the vehicle that can be seen from 300 feet.

PARKING LIGHTS—Front and rear parking lights are a must when parking on the highway at night. Local ordinances may or may not require lights for street parking.

SAFETY BELTS—Cars must have two working safety belts in the front seat.

MIRRORS—Cars are required to have one rearview mirror to see 200 feet behind the vehicle.

WINDSHIELD—Cars are required to have approved safety glass. The windshield must be kept clear of moisture, snow, ice and other things that might distort the driver’s view. The windshield cannot be tinted with the exception of the top 6 inches stretching the length of the glass.

WINDOWS—All glass must be approved safety glass.

BRAKES—Cars must have brakes on all wheels that are strong enough to stop a car at 20 mph in 30 feet.

PARKING BRAKE—Cars must have a parking brake that can stop a car at 20 mph in 55 feet. The brake must also hold a car still on a grade or hill.

WIPER BLADES—The blades must be able to clear moisture, ice and snow.

HORN—Car horns must be heard from 200 feet away.

MUFFLER—The exhaust system must have a muffler to prevent excessive noise and smoke. Any attempt to bypass the muffler is illegal.

BUMPERS—All vehicles that weigh less than 9,000 pounds must have a front and rear bumper. The horizontal line between bumper heights must not exceed a difference of 3 inches.

Hi-Tech Addison Auto Repair checks all safety equipment during each customer visit. With the exception of brakes, most of the equipment can be changed out within an hour should you need a quick fix.

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