Sunnyboy Outlines His 2017 Adventures

2017goalsSunnyboy loves life and going on adventures. Last year he starred as a spaceship captain on the silver screen, a racecar driver on a poster, and signed more autographs than the average dog.

Today, he’s reviewing his New Years resolution with great expectations for the newest chapter in his life. The year 2017 has more possibilities than any previous year of fun. A dozen of his considerations are below.

1. Learn Something New Each Day
Working at learning something new every day sets Sunnyboy up for success. It also gives him a better understanding of the world and how it works. Sunnyboy loves to watch TED talks, learn from Wikipedia’s Featured Articles and the CrashCourse YouTube channel.

2. Work His Hobby
It’s been documented that hobbies lower stress levels, boost brainpower and improve our ability to focus. The Internet is filled with sites boasting hobbies that improve quality of life and Sunnyboy is surfing as I type.

3. Play More
People tend to forget that play is an important source of relaxation and stimulation. It also is known for generating creativity and productivity. By bringing more play into his life, Sunnyboy expects to keep ahead of the competition in the automotive world. One form of play he enjoys most is running around on the wooded river property owned by his family.

4. Eat Fewer Calories
After seeing that the camera ads ten pounds to his image, Sunnyboy decided to reduce his caloric intake. Not only does he want to look good on screen, but he’s learned that obesity shortens life expectancy. He wants to live life to the fullest in 2017 and it’s starting with him knowing when to push away from the dog bowl – When satisfied, not when full.

5. Write a Plan
During resolution writing season many talk about writing a marketing or business plan. The goal of both is to gain higher visibility for products and services, or a new start-up. However, most people never follow through with the required documents for success.

6. Move More
The greatest fitness fad is movement and Sunnyboy makes sure he takes at least 10,000 steps a day and stretches. He knows that a sedentary life turns our thinking patterns to mush and decreases our metabolism, which leads to being overweight and depressed. Sunnyboy likes to remember the quote from his friends in the Madagascar movie: “Move it nice and sweet and sassy, alright!”

7. Read More
Millennials read 5.6 books a year on average, but top performers in any field or age bracket read at least 10-12 books a year. Most readers acknowledge that reading helps them think properly when facing decision making issues and improves their overall viewpoint on life.

8. Be Grateful
Studies have shown that people who live a life of gratitude are 25% happier than the average person. Being emotionally positioned by gratitude also helps us overcome adversity, improve our sleep, and allows us to get along better with those we come into contact with.

9. An Hour a Day to Achieve Dream
Most dreams fall to the wayside because we don’t have time to achieve them. However, specialists have found that those who spend just an hour per day working toward their goal accomplish far more with their 365 hours of effort per year than those who just dream about it. In 2017 Sunnyboy will be taking an hour of action each day.

10. Spend Time In Nature
Spending time in nature boosts our immune system and makes us more creative. Sunnyboy loves to run through the fields with the warm sun beating down on his fur and finds the fresh air invigorating. This will be on the top of his 2017 list of things to do.

11. Keep a Journal
Many journal at the end of the day with soft music playing in the background. This allows for a full mental dump of the day and some reflection on the feeligs the day brought to bare. Morning pages is another form of journaling that helps a person clear their thoughts in the morning so they are clear to face the new day. Sunnyboy, however, prefers the latest version of journaling referred to as sketch notes. This allows him to express his feelings through pictures and graphic depictions of the most memorable parts of each day.

12. Volunteer
Volunteering is all about giving back, or if you prefer, paying it forward. Volunteering gives a sense of purpose, increases our self-esteem, and makes us happier. Making sure a percentage of each month is set aside to help someone who can’t help himself is a priceless experience.

Sunnyboy is ready for 2017 with his dozen ideas that will make his life more adventurous. Are you?

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