Sunnyboy’s Secrets—Case #2499 Strange Envelope

adventureswithsunnyboyThere was something different in the air—a feeling, a sense of curiosity and enough humidity to make mechanics sweat. It was the perfect day for Sunnyboy to test the metal of the men who repaired cars under the high quality banner of Hi-Tech.

John had no idea that the team mascot was working a program designed to inspire his mechanics to a higher level of performance. He might have noticed if time allowed him to turn his chair around to see Sunnyboy’s ears perked up.

Sunnyboy laid still with his eyes closed and his ears trained on every sound coming from the garage. Today’s test was to see who’d step up to help the team. It was time to reward whoever humbled themself for the team’s benefit.

In the break room was a tall garbage can of wrappers, old crunched up tin foil, empty drink bottles and colorful gooky stuff that looked like residual garbage from too many lunches ago. The can was so full that a dirty paper plate with a two-day-old white cream sauce slipped onto the floor face down with a plop.

Sunnyboy’s ears heard the messy sound and he cringed with the hair on the back of his neck furling up. He knew his desire to have all the guys willing to pick up a mess, but he knew it might take a startling moment to capture their attention from a busy schedule of cars—but it was important.

When no one was looking the night before, a set of paws traversed the garage into the break room. The garbage bag was removed, an envelope dropped into the bottom of the can, and the garbage replaced as if nothing had happened. And so, today Sunnyboy waited for the right moment.

The dog’s ears perked again. He heard Ryan walk into the break room. His athletic shoes moved toward the can, shuffled around and then left. He had missed an opportunity to help the team.

Next, the sound of Jim’s feet shuffled over to the can. The pause suggested that he looked at his watch to determine if he could take time to help out, but he suddenly ran into bay three realizing he was behind schedule.

Sunnyboy’s head lifted with a grin on the side of his face, as he heard Sal’s feet stop in front of the can. The lid lifted up and the sound of the plastic bag being removed brought a full smile to Sunnyboy.

“Yeah! All right!” shouted Sal as he removed bonus cash from the strange envelope at the bottom of the garbage can.

Sunnyboy was happy that he was able to reward the mechanic who humbly took a moment to empty the garbage can for the rest of the team.

Copyright © 2016 Hi-Tech Automotive Specialists, Inc.

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CJ is an author and speaker.
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