Sunnyboy’s Repair Secrets—Case #2173

027_case2173Over his tenure at Hi-Tech, Sunnyboy developed a nose for various car issues. His knowledge gained from working with John, a 45-year mechanic, has also helped him develop a sixth sense for troubleshooting. Recently Sunnyboy worked case #2173, solving a terrible problem for our customer.

It was a rainy day that kept most people inside hoping for sunshine. The cool fall breeze whistled as the shop front door opened. Sunnyboy’s head lifted. He knew it was a dame in trouble. Not that her perfume gave her away, but he picked up on the smell of transmission fluid that permeated her car from a leak. The smell had clung to her clothes, tipping off the smart canine.

He bounced up from his bed located under the counter behind John and hustled to the gate. With a quick wag of his tail, the woman approached.

“Hey, Sunnyboy,” she said in a soft, high pitched voice. “Can you help me figure out what’s wrong with my car.”

The dog jumped around and barked two sharp yips and a woof.

“He said your transmission fluid is leaking and needs to be checked,” commented John with confidence.

“Transmission fluid?” she questioned. “Is that the red stuff I saw under my car?”

Sunnyboy barked once at an ear piercing volume.

“Sunnyboy just confirmed it,” stated John in a matter of fact fashion.

“Well then Sunnyboy, do you think you can fix it for me?” the woman asked the dog as she patted his head.

Sunnyboy nodded his head, turned to head into the garage and barked twice.

Corey, a well rounded and technically savvy mechanic, immediately ran into the parking lot, hopped into the woman’s SUV and pulled it into the shop.

Sunnyboy gave a glance and a wink to the woman who quietly took a seat in the waiting area.

John made small talk with her as the team in the garage congregated at the car.

“Woof, Rough!” barked Sunnyboy.

Jim, the lead mechanic, immediately pulled out a flashlight, while Corey raised the lift overhead. The light flashed across the transmission fluid lines until Jim spotted the leak.

“The leak is at the crimp of the metal and rubber lines. We’ll need to replace the entire run,” said Jim.

Corey jumped on the phone. “This is Hi-Tech. We need an oem line for a GMC SUV. Thanks.”

Sunnyboy barked.

“I’ve got it Sunny,” said Jim as he pulled the old line. “Hey, replacing the full line was the right call. This one has several cracks ready to give way.”

Sunnyboy nodded and headed back up front.

“We’ll know in a couple minutes what’s required on your transmission,” said John to the professional woman reading the magazine with Sunnyboy’s picture on the cover.

Just then the door swung open and Sunnyboy walked over to John.

“What’s it look like big dog?” asked John.

“Woof, woof, arf,” stated Sunnyboy without concern.

John turned to his customer with an update.

“Okay, ma’am, you’ll need a full transmission line replaced. We’ve ordered the product and should have your car ready within two hours,” said John. “And, the best part is that my records show you had a line problem that we fixed 23 months ago, which means this one is fully covered under our two year warranty at no cost to you.”

“Thank you, John. I knew Sunnyboy would see to my car’s care,” said the woman as she stood. “Can I get a ride back to work?”

“Certainly,” John said.

Sunnyboy yanked his bed on an angle like a recliner and then closed his eyes. He was always able to take perfectly timed naps as needed. A couple hours later he jumped up and ran into the garage.

Corey was pulling the SUV out of the bay.

“Just finished, Sunnyboy,” said Jim. “It went as expected.”

“Woof, arf, bowwow,” said Sunnyboy.

“Just doing what you asked for,” said Jim.

Sunnyboy headed into the office. Moments later Jim zipped up his coat as he left the garage. “I’m dropping off the GMC SUV,” he shouted.

“Already to go. The paperwork is in the vehicle,” John shouted back.

Twenty minutes later Sunnyboy barked. John turned to the computer and pulled up the Yelp site. He grabbed the microphone for the intercom and made an announcement.

“Congratulations guys, we’ve just got another five star rating!”

Sunnyboy walked over to the door with pride bursting through his chest. He was pleased that his team was quick and effective. And, he couldn’t help but notice that the sun was peaking through the dissipating clouds, so he turned to John and gave him a nod.

John turned to the intercom mic with a smile on his face. “We need a dog walker up front.”

Sunnyboy nodded his head. It was time for a little, but well deserved break. After all, case #2173 was effective and generated another five star rating.

Copyright © 2016 Hi-Tech automotive Specialists, Inc.

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1 Response to Sunnyboy’s Repair Secrets—Case #2173

  1. A great way to get the techs in the story! And never imagined a transmission line leak can be so engaging.


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