Book Signing at Auto Shop

steele_blue_bookcover_vfk_5_25x8_bw_300Hi-Tech Automotive Specialists on Fullerton Avenue in Addison is proud of its Sales Manager, CJ Powers, who released his first novel worldwide on September 11th.

“CJ is the second one of our team to get published in the past two years,” said owner John Hickey. “His crime novel is exciting and it takes place right here in Chicago.”

The novel is titled “STEELE BLUE: The Forgotten Crime” and is based on CJ’s childhood memories. “Every night dad came home for dinner and shared his true life experiences as a cop on the force,” said Powers. “I drew elements from him and his cop friends’ careers when I developed the storyline.”

To celebrate their local author/employee’s achievement, Hi-Tech is inviting the public to their auto repair shop on October 7th from 1pm – 3pm for a book signing. “While I’ve never heard of a book signing at a auto mechanic shop, I think the idea is as cool as CJ’s new book,” said Hickey.

The story is about Diaz, a notorious dealer that’s expanding his cherry meth distribution in Chicago, who desires undercover Detective Steele as his life partner. Fighting to keep her cover intact with plans to bring down the drug kingpin, Cassie spends extra time with Diaz, blurring the lines between justice and her growing love for him.

Realizing her precarious situation, Cassie sees to her son’s safety and works hard to regain her memory from the night of the opera house fire—the night Diaz lost his first love. Feeling slighted, Diaz hunts down everyone involved in the death of his “Carmen.”

Racing against the clock, Cassie tries to find balance between her motherly duties, her infiltration as the kingpin’s girl, and her role as the officer tasked to close the case. Cassie is forced to face her fears in discovering the missing piece of her memory that will bring Diaz down. But will it alter her future?

“CJ also writes a blog on creativity with readers in 144 countries,” said Hickey. “His creativity is what gave our shop a voice in the community.”

“When I first met John, he wanted to focus his brand and get it before the community,” said Powers. “The more creative we got, the more new people stopped in to meet our family of mechanics, and our mascot who’s featured racing a car in our new monthly poster. You’ll have to see it to believe it!”

“I hope the book takes off,” said Hickey. “I’d love to see CJ flourish beyond his wildest dream. I can picture the headline now—Humble auto shop employee becomes world famous author.” The book is available on and Kindle.

About CJ Powers

CJ is an author and speaker.
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