The Humanity of Hi-Tech

road-car-tire-2When a person does a Google search on Hi-Tech Automotive Specialists, they’re looking for an expert to turn their nightmare into a smooth sailing dream. When a person does a Yelp search, they’re interested to know if customer service is high on the list of things Hi-Tech does well. But when our street or email address is sought for a personal note, it’s our humanity that they reference.

John received a letter that brought him to tears. A VIP customer had passed away and he got word in the form of a gracious note. The daughter wrote:

“… I am so thankful for everything that you did for my mother; you were her guardian angel when it came to her van. Without your compassion and kindness she wouldn’t have been able to go to all of the places she went and enjoy the zoo and aquarium with her grandkids, as well as making the drive to the inner city to teach when she was healthier – For that I am truly grateful and you will be blessed. I will always recommend you not just for the good service, but also because I know how much of a kind and compassionate person that you are. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for us, I will never forget! …”

John’s heart overflowed with compassion all the more after reading that note. He has always seen each customer as a friend of the family. If he had the money, he’d open up one of the garage bays, set up tables and chairs, and throw a huge party for all – Celebrating how blessed they’ve made him feel over the years.

The mutual admiration drives the team to work hard in making sure each customer’s car never lets them down. They make sure that their due diligence and fair price is a blessing to everyone seeking Hi-Tech’s help. After all, you’d never want one of your family members to be stranded along side of the street.

Humanity is at the core of the Hi-Tech brand thanks to years of developing it alongside of happy customers. We count the opportunity to work on customer cars as a privilege that we hope continues for years to come. So, the next time you’re at a nearby corner, just stop in and say hi to John and the guys. They’ll be glad you did.

Copyright © 2016 by Hi-Tech Automotive Specialists, Inc.


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CJ is an author and speaker.
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