7 Ways to Spot Talent

TalentThe argument about finding the right talent for an open position continues due to changes in generations and expectations. However, the one true sign of talent that has not changed is the fact that others determine your talent, not you.

A person’s belief, desire, knowledge or experience may or may not impact customer’s perception of their talent, as each people group has their own set of expectations. While one generation says that Steven Spielberg has directing talent, another group who loves choppy video effects might say Spielberg, who avoids those effects, no longer has talent.

A person’s performance on the job, their talent, is like fruit. It was made for others, not for the tree that produced it. The true definition of talent is how the audience or customer receives it. The only thing that matters are the amount of benefit the customer receives from the person who brings their talent to bear.

Here are seven ways of spotting talent in someone else that will benefit customers.

  1. Energy Level: True talent comes from an over abundance of enthusiasm. A person who is talented in a specific area gets more invigorated by performing their talent. The presence of additional energy is a reflection of talent, whether it’s a mechanic who loves troubleshooting or a guy who loves quilting. Find that person with interested eyes and helpful hands, and you’ll find a person with a lot of talent ready to shine.
  1. Effortless Expression: I’ve seen public speakers that are painful to watch and I’ve seen the ones who so effortlessly share from their heart with knowledge that must be captured in notes. The person who expresses themselves with little effort within their ken is a sure sign of talent.
  1. Brings Value: When I’ve met a person who readily shares what they love, whether it’s cooking, a hobby, or job-based insight, I see a person that brings significant value to those around him. That person who can make life better for others or generate value for their customer does so from the well of talent within.
  1. Results that Shine: Another sign of talent comes from the person who produces something out of their own interests that unexpectedly shines for others. No one has to tell them how to help others, as it’s a natural byproduct of their performance. The sales person who loves widgets becomes the person that outsells the team.
  1. Inclination Over Skill: We’ve all seen the guy on the dance floor who mechanically does the right moves, but produces no art, fruit or talent. Then there’s the guy who feels the music and finds himself moving to a cheering crowd who can’t believe he’s never had a dance lesson. The person who finds their thing being a natural extension of who they are will always demonstrate more talent than the educated.
  1. Unplanned Benefits: Skills can be taught, but not talent. The person who shows a steady improvement has demonstrated their vibrant talent, even when it wasn’t their intention. The talented sales person makes people feel safe and receives a byproduct of more closed deals.
  1. Acceleration through Opportunity: When a person is given the opportunity to step up to the next level in work, the person with talent rises to the occasion, while others recoil from the confrontation of unknown fears. The person of talent has fun exploiting the opportunity.

When you spot a person of talent grab hold of them and don’t let them go, as their natural form of play will generate great benefits for customers and a generous revenue stream.

About CJ Powers

CJ is an author and speaker.
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