Avoid Tire Season Nightmares

tire_headerSummer is the season where tire ads suck the less knowledgeable into dissatisfying purchases. Discounts off of the “already low price” distract most buyers from learning the real benefits or lack of benefits that accompany their purchase. Before making that important buying decision make sure you explore the below elements that mechanics look into before they purchase tires.


Before purchasing four new tires, consider what makes up the final price. Many shops say that their tires will cost you $XXX.00 and then add on numerous charges. When educated customers and mechanics buy tires they make sure the price quote includes:

  • The Tires
  • Mounting
  • Balancing
  • Wheel Weights
  • Valve Stem/Seal
  • IL tire User Tax
  • IL Tire Disposal Fee
  • All Sales Taxes
  • And, Any Shop Base Misc. Costs


Few shops will take your newly purchased tires back, but if they do, there would likely be a restocking fee. They’ll also charge you a fee for putting your old tires back on your car – If they hadn’t yet recycled the tires. By the time you’ve paid all the fees, you’ve covered the shop’s cost and are typically stuck buying a different set from the same shop.

Mechanics seek out shops, like Hi-Tech Automotive Specialists that have a “No Regrets” policy with no add-on charges. For instance, if you purchase a set of four TOYO tires from Hi-Tech you can drive on the new tires for 500 miles or 45 days, which ever comes first, and then return them if you’re not completely satisfied.

There are no questions asked. Your original tires are put back on the car free of charge. While Hi-Tech will offer you other tires, you’re free to shop around – A true No Regrets program.


Mechanics pay attention to what shop owners put on their cars. It’s common for owners to use the safest and longest lasting tires because they can. However, the mechanics don’t always purchase the best driving tire, as they might want high performance racing tires.


Having a great warranty is only part of the mix. Mechanics learn what tires last and how much it costs them to maintain. Many shops drop prices below the floor, knowing the tire being purchased will force the buyer to return to the shop for costly maintenance once the warranty expires.

Hi-Tech never sells cheap tires for the sake of future maintenance. Instead, the buyer is given additional benefits should the tires have any future problems. Hi-Tech incudes the following in every tire purchase:

  • FREE Lifetime Tire Balancing
  • FREE Lifetime Tire Rotation
  • FREE Lifetime Tire Repairs

The only exceptions are that the work must be done within the life cycle of the tire (not excessively worn) and non-repairable blowouts are not included. However, blowouts are covered by Hi-Tech under their road hazard warranty.

Hi-Tech wants their customers to be safe and happy. John always hunts for the best possible price and consistently provides the best tires for a fair price. He has never been undersold. But, if you find a tire deal from a competitor that appears cheaper, John will match the price or point out the hidden costs the competition forgot to include in your quote.

© 2016 Hi-Tech Automotive Specialists, Inc.


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