Vacation Pre-Trip Vehicle Check

Postcard_v1bWhenever vacation travel plans exceed a 1,000 miles, it’s important to make sure the vehicle is ready for the added stress.

In the past, carburetors needed to be adjusted on cars traveling from an oxygen rich area like Iowa to the thin air in the Rocky Mountains. But today, the onboard computers use various sensors, including a barometer, to feed information to the computer that does live onboard adjustments as the vehicle travels.

The pre-trip check reviews the items most likely to be stressed on a trip and informs the driver on the state of his car. When the driver is educated on the car’s condition, he can face unknown mechanics with confidence and save himself from being taken advantage of.

To protect our customers, Hi-Tech applies a 24/24 Nationwide Warranty on every car part it installs. We have a large network of like-minded auto repair shops nationwide who honor our warranty. They are also price competitive and believe in keeping our customers happy. The best news is that it only takes one phone call to engage the right company to help get our customers back on the road.

To reduce the possibility of visiting a repair shop on vacation, Hi-Tech’s pre-trip inspections consist of the following:

• Full Service Oil Change (Synthetic Blend)
• AC/Cooling Systems
• Tires Balance, and Alignment
• Wipers
• Belts and Hoses
• Brakes and Lines
• Lights
• Batteries
• Filters and Fluids

While unforeseen circumstances might still arise, knowing the condition of your vehicle before traveling gives you a baseline from which to judge mechanics on the road. That added confidence does wonders when discussing the accuracy of a potential repair. Also, make sure you take John’s mobile phone number with you on vacation in case you’d like his help.

The complete Vacation Pre-Trip Vehicle Check is only $49.95 until September 1, 2016 and includes a full service oil change with synthetic oil (a $59.95 value).

Copyright 2016 Hi-Tech Automotive Specialists, Inc.

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