Most Common Auto Repairs in Midwest 2015

008_PixThere are two types of mechanic work that are performed on vehicles: Maintenance and Repairs. Maintenance done according to a car’s manual will extend the life of a car. Needed repairs on the other hand are like emergency surgeries to keep the car alive.

Repairs take up 80% of a mechanic’s day, while regular maintenance is at 20%. This spread of work is beneficial to the repair shop’s bottom line, but costly to the customer. If more customers followed a regular maintenance program, they’d spend far less money on costly repairs, while extending the life of their car.

Labor rates vary between repair shops from $80 – $150 / hour. Those on the low end do not have the knowledge or certifications to guarantee their work beyond 90 days. Those at the high end are typically in high volume areas and can afford to jack up their prices. Companies with expertise that believe in fairness land some where around $110 – $130 / hour. Hi-Tech Automotive Specialists are right in the middle.

The most common repairs in the Midwest during 2015 and the percentage of a mechanic’s workload it required is listed below:

1. Replace Oxygen Sensor
2. Replace Catalytic Converter
3. Replace Fuel Cap
4. Replace Spark Plug Wires and Plugs
5. Replace Wheel Speed Sensor
6. Replace Mass Air Flow Sensor
7. Replace Ignition Coil
8. Replace Ignition Coil and Spark Plug(s)
9. Replace Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve
10. Replace Thermostat

Since the above jobs are not standard between cars, having a mechanic you can trust reduces the amount of hours required. Some repair shops will determine their speed on the easy and most difficult repairs and then come up with an average price to charge everyone. Other shops will determine the worst-case scenario and charge everyone that price.

At Hi-Tech Automotive Specialists the job is quoted based on the time required for the actual car. But there is another benefit for the Hi-Tech customer. When the mechanic has worked a similar job on the exact same type of vehicle, thereby performing the work faster, the savings is passed on to the customer.

Hi-Tech is also focused on educating customers about the great savings in unneeded repairs when participating in a regular maintenance program. The more the team can help customers maintain their cars, the more time is available to help others in need. Hi-Tech Automotive Specialists will support all its customers, but will encourage them to set up a regular maintenance program to keep repair costs to a minimum.

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