When Hunting for an Auto Repair Shop

MapIn this era, most people will search for auto repair shops using Google or Bing, and other search engines. Not knowing the best way to search for a shop, they type in the words “auto repair.” This is typically followed by a city like Addison, and sometimes a state is also added.

The first shops on the results page that pop up are ad spaces, which is expected. However, the first or second non-ad space entry is “Yelp!” which is a popular review site. People go to “Yelp!” to learn what others are saying about automotive companies.

Hi-Tech Automotive Specialists is proud to be listed as “Yelps!” number one auto repair shop in Addison. In fact, Hi-Tech is in the top ten recommendations throughout all of Chicagoland at the time of this article.

The number of people who typed in “auto repair Addison” last year was over 13,000. Because of the great reviews, just shy of 500 people selected Hi-Tech Automotive Specialists from the results page to read Hi-Tech’s reviews.

Hi-Tech has a five star rating with more positive reviews than any of its competitors. There are very few companies with such a positive track record. But for owner John Hickey, it’s just another step in his desire for excellence with customer satisfaction.

“A couple years ago an undercover journalist came to the area,” said John. “He brought his car into our shop, we diagnosed the trouble, performed the 30 second fix and sent him on his way free of charge. The next week I saw the news story break and learned that several shops charged hundreds of dollars for the minor fix. Customers deserve a shop they can trust and we’ll stand behind our diagnostics.”

John’s auto repair shop in Addison puts customers first. He wants the team to earn their customer’s trust and maintain high standards, not high prices. Unlike most competitive auto repair shops, Hi-Tech guarantees their work for 24 months nationwide, rather than the typical 30 – 90 days, or 12 months offered nationally.

“I have no problem guaranteeing our work because we do everything right the first time,” said John. “Hopefully our practices will give us opportunity to help those who have been ripped off by other shops. We want to be the ones who give them a great experience.”

John tells just about everyone he meets to type in “auto repair Addison” and find the Hi-Tech reviews under “Yelp!”. He also suggests they go to HiTechAddison.com to read all about their offers, coupons and tips on how to take care of their vehicles.

About CJ Powers

CJ is an author and speaker.
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