Customers Traverse Distance for Hi-Tech Experience

John_Dale_DrillTypical mechanic shops draw from an immediate two-mile radius. The better shops can capture some customers from as far out as three miles. But, there are a precious few mechanics that can draw customers from ten miles out. And when it happens, there’s always a powerful reason.

Hi-Tech Automotive Specialists, Inc. draws 34% of their customers from great distances. Some travel 15 miles to make sure their vehicle is maintained well at a fair price. “The experience is the reason,” said owner John Hickey. “Customers tell us they will travel any distance for an honest diagnosis, excellent work and a fair price.”

Hi-Tech has been a family owned business since 1993 that specializes in educating their customers. They provide detailed information so customers can make a solid decision on their next steps. “If you want an honest, reliable and decent mechanic, you’ll have one with John and his staff at Hi-Tech,” said Elizabeth B. “He provides a thorough inspection, details what needs to be done, explains why, will patiently answer any questions you have and give you a fair price.”

The team prides themselves on accuracy of diagnosis and helping the customer understand their choices. “John and his crew … always let me know why the bump, squeak or rattle is happening, … and what it will cost – all before doing the repair,” said Jane Garvey, a distance customer. “And, then they have a solid 2-year warranty on the repair.”

“It’s all about integrity,” said John. “A couple years ago an undercover journalist ran a story on the honesty of all area mechanic shops. I wasn’t surprised that Hi-Tech passed with flying colors. What surprised me was the number of shops that failed.”

“After I had been to two different dealerships that said my motor was trashed and I should just replace the entire motor,” said Kevin P. “Hi-Tech completed the repair in a reasonable amount of time and 6 months later, the truck is running great. Their prices are fair and they are knowledgeable mechanics.”

The popularity of Hi-Tech and the relative distances that customers traverse is in keeping with John’s goal of providing accurate diagnostics and helping customers understand their situation so they can make great decisions. “I’m not afraid to tell the customer that they’ve come in a little prematurely and to bring their car back in three months for the repair,” said John.

Customers say Hi-Tech is worth the drive and the personal experience is worth returning. Give Hi-Tech a try and see if you agree with their satisfied customers.

Copyright 2016 by Hi-Tech Automotive Specialists, Inc.

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